Yog Sadhna Avam Yog Chikitsa Rahasya-Punjabi

Yog Sadhna Avam Yog Chikitsa Rahasya-Punjabi
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It is heartening to present the English edition of this popular book, Yog its Philosophy and Practice, written by the revered Swami Ramdevji Maharaj. The first edition of the Hindi book was published in the year 2002. In a span of just two years, this book has enabled thousands of devotees to be a part of yoga revolution. Superior quality of paper and international style of printing has been used for this edition. Attractive photographs have added new dimension to this book. Despite increase in cost of research and production, we tried our best to keep the price affordable for citizens so that book will continue to enlighten generations to come. 

Yog is complete in every aspect because it touches the every sphere of human life. It is a complete science which provides healthy lifestyle and a complete preventive medication system and above all, an enlightening spiritual art. 

The reason for popularity of Yog lies in the fact that it has never bound itself within the narrow-minded attitude of sex, religion, caste, community, area and language. A devotee, philosopher, amateur, ascetic, unmarried, married or any person can get into the proximity of yog and reap its benefits. It has proved to be beneficial not only in the uplifting of an individual but also in the overall development of family, society, nation and the world. The answer of the problems like stress, unrest, terrorism, ignorance and incompleteness to which the man of modern society is falling prey, lies only in Yog. It is a divine science, which brings the mankind on the path of positive thinking, which was discovered by the learned saints and seers of ancient India. Saint Patanjali brought it in a disciplined manner, preserved and produced the eight yogic practices in the form of Yog. Respected Swamiji advices and practices these eight yogic practices in his discourses and yoga training camps. He has arrived at a conclusion that a healthy individual and a happy society can be built only under the shelter of Yog. 

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