Yog In Synergy With Medical Science-English

Yog In Synergy With Medical Science-English
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Today, Yog has acquired global recognition and an exla1ted status as an ancient health-building system. While many medical practitioners and intellectuals are keen to test it using scientific evaluation methods, there are several others who are resisting this trend and inclusion of Yog in medical science. The welfare of patients is being overlooked for the sake of personal, commercial and busi­ness interests. Unfortunately, today medical science is taken mainly as allopathy, world's health concern is more of an allopathic concern and World Health Organization (WHO) could be taken as an organization supporting and work­ing for allopathy, We are not trying to question the ethos behind existing medical/ health system but we aim to start a healthy debate about health concerns internation­ally and secure right to health for the common man. We are aware that we have a mighty challenge to deal with. With this objective in mind, revered Yog Rishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj has committed himself to the objective that, "no person should die of disease and nobody should die on account of being poor." We have decided to proceed in this direction so as to put a check on the large scale exploitation going on in the country in the name of providing health services. In this age of science, we are committed to firmly establish Yog as a science using scientific tests. It is true that Yog is powerful and contains the solutions for all the global problems. From time imme­morial, millions of people have immersed themselves in this pious ever flowing Ganga of Yog. But never ever neither the power holders nor any voluntary organization or a resourceful individual has come forward to work on Y og from a scientific perspective. Although some holy saints, a few dedicated institutions, and small groups have made attempts in this direction, their work has not received international recognition. We ascetics decided to drive away the misconception that Y og is simply exercise for physical fitness, created by people out of ignorance, selfishness and resistance. In fact, these people have their own agenda for not letting Yog, a glorious and time-tested tradition, to get its due recognition and rightful place on the world health map. Despite the lack of proper resources, we are committed to deal with such impediments on the path of Yog getting its due recognition. We have been able to take up this Herculean task for the sake of welfare of mankind with the unflinching support and trust of millions of people in this world. 

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